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  • Have a plant-based weekend! #seaweedsalad
  • Have a plant-based weekend! Featuring our chili spiced broccoli.
  • Have a plant-based weekend! #seaweedsalad
  • Ahoy Sailors! Meet Little Finner Maggie. Hey Maggie, fresh water or salt water?
  • Ahoy Sailors! Meet Little Finner Chase, whose favourite #LittleMermaid character is Ursula (duh!).
  • Ahoy Sailors! Meet Little Finner Jordan. If he was a fish, he'd be a great white shark.
  • 🍋 Start 🍍 the 🍌 week 🍉 fresh 🍎 pressed 🍅
  • Go all the way east coast! Tonight's #LittleFinnerBigDinner is our Lobster Poutine.
  • Breakfast blowout! Tomorrow is your last chance to eat Little Fin's amazing breakfast sandwiches, so we are celebrating them ALL DAY. Go ahead, sleep in, we'll be here.
  • 🍅 End 🍎 the 🍉 week 🍌 fresh 🍍 pressed 🍋
  • Pucker up for #Valentines!
  • 🌱🌱🌱
  • Little Fin says ❤️❤️❤️ for the win! Whether you're romancing your lobster or swimming in a cool school of pals, our friends at @thechasefo have you covered for #ValentinesDay. Check out their love day menu.
  • It's a spice world & we're just living in it.
  • What did the Californian pepper say to the Toronto pepper? Sorry you're so chilli!
  • #spiceupyourlife
  • Last chance to enter: tag a friend to each win a #LittleFinnerBigDinner! #Contest closes at 5pm, must be following @little.fin to win!
  • Seared tuna ftw!
  • #Contest Alert! Win dinner for you & a pal. Tag your lobster (aka friend) to each win a #LittleFinnerBigDinner!

Contest closes Monday Feb 6 at 5pm. Must be following Little Fin to win.
  • Big brother restaurant spot @thechasefo is schooling us on some oyster geography. Get to crustacean class on the blog. Link in bio.