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  • We're on a roll! #LobsterRoll
  • We're open for dinner, Monday - Saturday, until 8pm. Swim by for some salads and sandwiches!
  • Cheers to making it this far through the week!
  • Seared to perfection. #TunaGingerSalad
  • See you on the patio! #MediterraneanFalafelSalad
  • A swing and a fish! #ComeTogether #OurMoment
  • Served on a silver platter. #lunch #SouthwestBlackenedMahiMahiSalad
  • It doesn't get any better than this! #FeelingFintastic
  • This is what Drizzy must have been talking about. #Views
  • Monday's looking good!
  • Our patio is open! Come by for some sun & sea(food).
  • Just the right amount of crispiness! #CrispyHaddockSandwich
  • Take it to go and enjoy wherever, whenever! #LobsterRoll
  • When you can't decide which one to pick...
  • The sun is coming out! Who's up for lunch in the park?
  • Views from the 6. #Views #TunaGingerSalad
  • It's a masterpiece! #CrispyHaddockSandwich
  • Our Calamari Po' Boy will add colour to your meal, and happiness to your tastebuds. #CalamariPoBoy
  • Start the week with a healthy dose of Vitamin C! #RiseandShine
  • The only thing better than poutine is lobster poutine. #LobsterPoutine